It appears that Tiger Woods is settling down again — kind of.

According to reports, Woods has a new girlfriend, student Alyse Lahti Johnston. Johnston, 22, is the daughter of former Cardinals pitcher Jeff Lahti.

She’s apparently even been spotted on Tiger’s yacht.

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Tiger Woods Has New Girlfriend, 22-Year-Old Student Alyse Lahti JohnstonPhoto via Flickr

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There was a lot of vulgarity…statements that didn’t make any sense. We quite frankly don’t understand why he tried to do this.”
–Staples Center VP Lee Zeidman, on the steak-knife incident

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Well, it’s going to be the lineup all year — injuries permitting.

“That is an all star line up, I almost feel sorry for the rest of the league… nah, screw’em!”

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Dreams do come true.

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Just your run of the mill completely insane soccer goal — Dani Alves this time.