Do You Still Believe the Red Sox Can Win the World Series? Boston is a town that is known worldwide for its passionate fans. The Red Sox went through 86 years without a World Series title, and the fans continued to believe in their beloved team until the curse was finally broken in 2004.

Now, the Red Sox are faced with a different challenge. Heading into the 2011 season, the Sox were held to some high expectations, and they have so far failed to deliver. Starting the year with a disappointing 2-9 record — the worst in MLB — fans are left wondering if the team can get on the right track.

Luckily for the Red Sox, Boston is a town full of believers. So, do you still believe the Red Sox can win the World Series this season?

The Sox also have a bit of history on their side. There are three former World Series championship teams that have started their season with a 2-9 record, dating back to the 1914 Boston Braves, who had a terrible start to their season, but turned things around midway through the year to make an incredible run toward the World Series title.

The 1935 Tigers and the 1991 Twins also posted 2-9 starts in their championship seasons, proving that early slumps do not necessarily dictate a season's outcome. All baseball teams go through slumps, even the really good ones.

The Red Sox don't need to turn things around right away, the season is still young and they're not far out of first place. However, the changes need to start happening soon if the World Series chances remain within the Red Sox' grasp.

The Red Sox had two much-needed days off on Wednesday and Thursday, and hopefully had some time to reflect on what has gone wrong over the past two weeks. There have been some discouraging moments for players and fans alike so far this April, but as history has proven, there is still time for a turnaround.

Do you still believe the Red Sox can win the World Series? Share your thoughts below.

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