Top 10 Royal Weddings in Sports Include Tom Brady-Gisele Bundchen, Andy Roddick-Brooklyn Decker Anticipation continues to build for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding, set to take place on Friday. It not only has England buzzing, but the entire world seems intrigued, as well.

It isn’t the first time a wedding has made headlines, though. There’s something fascinating about two icons tying the knot.

Whenever two athletes, or an athlete and another notable celebrity, get hitched, it’s kind of a big deal. Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and reality television star Kristin Cavallari should take notes as they get ready for some hectic wedding planning.

Sure, most of us don’t make the guest list at the elaborate ceremonies, but it’s tough to escape the buzz. Some iconic marriages blossom while others falter, but each one gives us an inside look of what it’s like for two stars to share a household.

Here are 10 royal weddings in sports that captivated the nation, and perhaps even the world. We apologize to Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra, whose five-month fling may have been the most unique of all.

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