Alleged Shaquille O’Neal Sex Tape is ‘Gone,’ Music Producer Robert Ross Testifies


Jun 19, 2011

The alleged sex tape of recently retired NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal reportedly no longer exists. According to a Los Angeles music producer who claimed to have the explicit video, which depicted O'Neal with a woman that was not his wife, the tape was recorded over.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, the producer, Robert Ross, was asked by a prosecutor if he actually had the tape at the time he was attacked by Main Street Crips gang members in 2008. After the incident, Ross claimed that he believed he was attacked because he possessed the sex tape. To the prosecutor's question, Ross responded, "It was over. It was gone."

Ross maintains that the attackers kidnapped and beat him because of the tape. In the transcripts of the hearing, which were released by the Los Angeles Times early Sunday morning, Ross testified that the gang members ordered him to hand over the "videotape."

Ross pointed out one defendant in particular, named James Harbin, aka "Wood." He testified that Harbin told him he needed to clear up an issue with O'Neal and O'Neal's business partner, Mark Stevens.

When asked by the prosecutor what Harbin said would happen to him if he did not comply, Ross responded, "He said, 'If we wanted to kill you, we can. You know how we get down.'"

Despite Ross' current testimony, neither O'Neal nor Stevens has been charged with anything.

Ross is scheduled to continue testifying on July 6.

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