Charles Barkley Fixes Golf Swing, Loses Trademark Backswing Hitch (Video)


Have you heard that Charles Barkley has an ugly golf swing? Barkley's claim to fame is no longer his Hall of Fame basketball career, but rather that horrendous swing with all of that stopping and starting going on.

However, it seems that Barkley's swing may have finally received the makeover it so desperately needs. points out that Barkley's swing looked a little bit different over the weekend at the American Century Classic.

Barkley still finished 81st out of 83 golfers, but there's no denying that the swing looks better. Barkley's trademark hitch in his backswing appears to be gone. That's something that, in addition to likely pleasing his chiropractor, also has his former "coach," golf guru Hank Haney, thrilled.

Haney, who coached Barkley during a season of the Haney Project on the Golf Channel, tweeted a video of Barkley hitting a drive over the weekend. The result was a much smoother looking swing and a 325-yard drive.

See the drive below.

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