Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Todd Monken reportedly has not cursed in 17 days, although it’s not because he’s completely pleased with the Cowboys’ high-powered offense.

Monken, who directs the nation’s second-highest scoring offense, is contrite after an hour-long ESPN program had to “bleep” him 20 times.

“Sometimes that has to be shown for you to realize how it comes across,” Monken told Gina Mizell of The Oklahoman. “I’m not disappointed in who I am. I’m just disappointed in the way some of that could have come across.”

Monken called his parents last week to remind them to watch Depth Chart, Mizell writes, and he hasn’t heard from them since. Monken says he thinks it may be because of his language on the show.

The sixth-ranked Cowboys (6-0, 3-0 in Big 12) have posted scoring totals of 61, 59 and 70 points, respectively, this season. Starting quarterback Brandon Weeden has thrown for 2,098 yards already, and has 16 touchdowns and just six interceptions in 260 attempts.

The quarterback doesn’t seem to have a problem with Monken’s language.

“It’s football,” Weeden told The Oklahoman. “It’s not figure skating. You’re out here and you’re going to get yelled at. You’re going to get your butt chewed. You’re going to get cussed at. As players, we don’t even blink an eye to it. It doesn’t bother anybody, and it’s not as bad as that show made it sound, I promise you. He’s not like ‘F this, F that.’ It’s not like that all the time.”

Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy simply said he hopes the attention paid to Monken’s language doesn’t overshadow his football knowledge, which has helped the Cowboys play themselves into the BCS bowl picture.