Major League Baseball Expands Playoffs, Makes Postseason More Like NHL's
As early as 2012, two teams that did not win their division pennants will have a shot at winning the World Series, as Major League Baseball expands its postseason format.

The news has been greeted with enthusiasm from many clubs in hopes that the possibility of playoff contention could attract fans of teams that typically have no realistic hope of making it out of third place. But some purists see it becoming too much like the NHL, where more than half the league qualifies for the playoffs, as cartoonist Will O'Toole notes.

Since graduating from Seton Hall University, Will O'Toole has been doing cartoons for over 30 years for a number of papers (USA Today), magazines (College and Pro Football Weekly) and websites ( He is believed to be the only national cartoonist to have voted for the Heisman Trophy and the Wooden and Naismith Awards.