Matt Damon appeared on a podcast with NFL Network's Rich Eisen this past week and sang Tom Brady's praises. But while doing the podcast, he also took a moment to throw on some special jewelry.

Damon put on all three Patriots Super Bowl rings, as well as a red Pats hat, and posed for a photo. The big-time actor and Cambridge, Mass., native, has never made his Boston sports fandom a secret, and when discussing the Patriots, you could tell he was a bit biased.

"We'll never see anybody like him again," Damon said of Brady on the podcast.

Then again, he's probably right.

Either way, check out Damon showing off some bling in the photo below. Maybe he can come back next year and throw a ring on that thumb, as well.

Matt Damon Throws on Patriots Super Bowl Rings, Shows Off Boston Sports Fandom (Photo)

Photo via Twitter/@realpatriots