Knicks’ Bill Walker Says Kevin Garnett Disrespected Him at End of Sunday’s Game


Knicks' Bill Walker Says Kevin Garnett Disrespected Him at End of Sunday's GameThe kerfuffle at the end of the Celtics-Knicks game on Sunday was just the same old, same old for Celtics fans who are used to the occasional incident involving Kevin Garnett. The Knicks and Bill Walker, who was shoved in the neck after Garnett's last-second jumper bounced off the rim, weren't as content to shrug it off.

Walker, who came out to challenge Garnett's shot, said he didn't remember where Garnett made contact with him but called the Big Ticket's actions "disrespectful."

"I don't know where he caught me," Walker told Newsday. "I just know I saw his hand coming in my face, you know what I mean? That's disrespectful."

The former Celtic insisted he was just playing defense when Garnett took offense.

"I guess he got mad that I contested his shot," Walker said. "He grabs my hand, tangles it up. I pulled my hand away and then we had a situation."

Garnett has something of a reputation for his run-ins with opposing players. As recently as two games ago in the Celtics' first preseason game, Toronto center Andrea Bargnani jawed with Garnett after Garnett clapped and yelled at Bargnani on defense.

Garnett declined to talk about the confrontation, but Walker left it up to the fans and media to judge.

"Come on," Walker said, "you all know what the man does."

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