Eddie George enjoyed an excellent career as an NFL running back before retiring following the 2004 season. But even though that door closed, another one may have opened.

George has gotten into acting, playing the lead role in the Nashville Shakespeare Festival’s production of Julius Caesar, according to NPR.

“I was not put on this earth strictly to be a football player and then that’s it, dwindle away,” George said. “I have aspirations of being an artist, entertainer and actor, and I’m working hard toward that.”

George reportedly set out for Hollywood upon retiring after nine NFL seasons, hoping to give acting a whirl. However, the experiment didn’t work out so well, leading to George’s return to Nashville, where he consulted an acting coach.

After some hard work, George has now landed small roles in a few films and has acted in some plays. In fact, George’s hard work — also a staple in his football career — has led to drastic improvement and plenty of praise.

“He’s a really strong actor,” Denice Hicks of the Nashville Shakespeare Festival said, “really, really strong.”

Listen to the NPR report below to hear more about George’s post-football passion.