Fireman Ed Gives Tim Tebow Trade His Blessing, Setting Up Match Made in Jets Heaven


If there are any Jets who are still apprehensive about the Tim Tebow trade, they can now cast their doubts aside. Their fearless leader has chimed in, and he has given the move his stamp of approval.

The team’s most famous (and insufferable) fan, Fireman Ed, has given the Tebow trade his blessing, even if it does turn up the heat on incumbent starter Mark Sanchez.

“You got a guy coming to the Jets who is a great guy, but he’s also a football player — a real football player,” the man also known as Ed Anzalone told the Metro. “Is he a great quarterback? No. But the guy, he’s a winner. Does he help our team? Yeah.”

You could question what exactly Fireman Ed knows about being a winner considering he’s a grown man who wears a fire helmet, eye black and a customized football jersey every Sunday, but that’s a conversation for a different day.

While Ed likes the idea of bringing in Tebow, he made it abundantly clear that it’s still Sanchez’s job, and reiterated that he thinks the Jets can win with Sanchez.

“Here it is: What is it costing me?” Ed asked, presumably rhetorically, considering the fact that bringing in Tebow literally cost  Fireman Ed nothing. “What kind of player am I getting? Everyone is going to talk about the circus but that’s the media is making the circus. Do I think there’s pressure on Mark? Squarely. But here’s the bottom line: It’s up to Mark. He can shut everyone up.”

Another side note: By shutting “everyone” up, is Fireman Ed including himself? Because that would be awesome.

“But if they use [Tebow] correctly,” he continued, “which I think they will, the bottom-line no matter what happens, is that Sanchez’s destiny is in his own hands. I love Mark. To be clear, I think we can win a world championship with Mark, there’s no doubt in my mind. But you have to surround him with players.”

However, it’s probably safe to assume that adding Tebow isn’t exactly what Fireman Ed is hoping for when he says the Jets have to surround Sanchez with players.

Either way, Fireman Ed seems excited to have Tebow in New York, and if there’s anyone who knows “excited,” it’s Tebow, who uttered that same word 44 times in his introductory news conference.

He couldn’t contain his excitement on Twitter on Thursday night, either.

“Fireman Ed and the rest of Jets nation, I’m gonna play my heart out for you. J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!”

Tim Tebow and Fireman Ed. It truly is a match made in heaven.

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Fireman Ed Gives Tim Tebow Trade His Blessing, Setting Up Match Made in Jets Heaven

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