Report: Randy Moss Filed Lawsuit Against Hair Salon Owner Who Didn’t Pay Back $160,000


Apr 10, 2012

Randy Moss found himself in a hairy situation recently.

Moss agreed to lend hair salon owner Kelvin Jones $160,000 to open a fancy hair salon in Palm Beach, Fla., back in 2005, according to TMZ.

The key word there is “lend.”

TMZ reports that Jones was supposed to pay Moss back in 96 monthly payments, but never did so, instead electing to play a game of cat and mouse with the wide receiver, who was with the Oakland Raiders at the time.

As a result, Moss — like any level-headed human being — decided to sue Jones, but Jones reportedly blew off the lawsuit, leading to a judge eventually ruling in Moss’ favor.

Jones will reportedly be forced to pay Moss back the $160,000 in full, in addition to another $62,000 in interest, fees and penalties.

“Straight cash homey,” indeed.

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