Joe Paterno May Have Been Involved in Jerry Sandusky Cover-Up, Penn State Officials’ Emails Reveal (Video)


Jerry Sandusky may be convicted and locked away for the rest of his life, but that doesn't mean the scandal surrounding him doesn't continue on. And the more information that comes to light, the more Joe Paterno's reputation may yet fall.

The latest in the sordid story is a group of emails allegedly between former Penn State president Graham Spanier, former Penn State vice president Gary Schultz and former Penn State athletic director Tim Curley that were obtained by CNN.

In them, the men — two of whom, Schultz and Curley, have pleaded not guilty to charges of perjury and failure to report child abuse — seem to decide on a course of action for handling Mike McQueary's disturbing report of seeing Sandusky in the showers with a young boy, 16 days after the graduate assistant first told Paterno what he had seen.

Schultz expresses his discomfort with talking to any other groups or people before speaking with Sandusky — never referred to by name — first. Most damningly, his reason for doing so is apparently a conversation he had with Paterno, the content of which was not mentioned.

Spanier agrees with the plan, saying that it is a "humane and reasonable way to proceed" — but acknowledges that it could get them in trouble in the future if Sandusky did not heed the message they would attempt to communicate to him.

As has been documented, Penn State officials never informed any outside groups of the allegations against Sandusky — including not only the police, but also The Second Mile (Sandusky's charitable organization) and child welfare services. Additionally, they did not attempt to look for the boy that McQueary saw with Sandusky.

The former defensive coordinator went on to abuse at least four more boys after that incident.

Watch the full report from Anderson Cooper 360 in the video below.

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