Danny Wilson Hopes to ‘Get Some Minutes’ During North American Tour, Doesn’t Enjoy Boston Heat


Danny Wilson Hopes to 'Get Some Minutes' During North American Tour, Doesn't Enjoy Boston HeatFresh from Liverpool’s first tour training session on Tuesday, Danny Wilson spoke to Liverpoolfc.com about how he intends to use the Reds’ North American tour to impress new manager Brendan Rodgers.

The Scot also explained how he’s managing to cope with the sweltering heat in Boston and why he feels like one of the squad’s elders ?- aged just 20.

The full interview appears below.

LiverpoolFC.com: Danny, a word on last season first of all. You were at Blackpool for half of the season. How was that for you? Was it a valuable experience?

Wilson: I feel a lot better for going out there and playing in some big games that I wouldn’t have played in had I stayed. So it was definitely a good experience for me. Getting 10 games and 10 starts was what I needed at the time and I’m just glad to be back and hopefully I can push on this season.

LiverpoolFC.com: How does it feel to be back amongst the Liverpool lads?

Wilson: It’s great. There are still a few missing but it’s great to be back among the boys. Training’s been really good, really bright and really enjoyable, so everybody’s having a good time.

LiverpoolFC.com: On a personal note, what are your short-term aims for this tour?

Wilson: Just to get some minutes under my belt. There’s a new manager and everyone is looking to impress him and I’m exactly the same. Hopefully I can get some minutes on the pitch and put in some good training sessions over here. Then I’ll just take it from there.

LiverpoolFC.com: You weren’t getting much game time at the start of last season at Liverpool. Do you see Brendan Rodgers coming in as a clean slate for yourself and for all the other players?

Wilson: Yes, I think it is for everybody. He’s come in and said he will give us all a chance to show what we can do and in training sessions I’ve been trying to push myself. Over here, if the manager gives me some game time I’ll be trying to put myself in his thoughts.

LiverpoolFC.com: Have you had a chance to speak to him yet about your future?

Wilson: No. It’s not important at the moment — it’s more important for me to just get fit and get myself into a position where I can start trying to push myself into his thoughts. But I haven’t spoken to him about anything like that, I just want to do the best I can over here.

LiverpoolFC.com: We’ve spoken about your short-term aims for this tour, what about your long-term aims for the coming season?

Wilson: It just depends on how the next few weeks go. Hopefully I can play myself into [the manager’s] plans and just take it from there really. I can’t look long-term just yet; I need to work on the short-term. The next few weeks are really important for me.

LiverpoolFC.com: There are a lot of Academy lads here. Do you feel like one of the senior pros?

Wilson: Yeah, I’m still only 20 but there are some 17-year-olds here like Raheem. It’s great for them to be here but it does make me feel old even though I’m really not!

LiverpoolFC.com: How are they doing? There’s some good young talent there and the fans always want to know about good young players…

Wilson: They are great. They are fitting in really well and they are all really shining in training — nobody is letting themselves down, so hopefully that can continue on the tour.

LiverpoolFC.com: How is a young, pallid Scot like yourself finding the heat here?

Wilson: Not great! I’ve been slapping the sun cream on. I’m hoping I’ll cope but you never can tell.

LiverpoolFC.com: Tell us a little bit about the training sessions. It looks a little bit intense out there. How does it compare to what you were used to under Kenny and under other managers?

Wilson: It’s just different thoughts really. Every manager has got different ideas on how they want the game played and the manager likes it to be nice and tense, short and sharp. All the boys are enjoying it. It’s different from last season but we’ve all enjoyed it so far and long may that continue.

LiverpoolFC.com: Has he given the squad and you a lot of feedback? Does he stop training to get a point across?

Wilson: The manager will let the training flow but if there’s something he feels we need to speak about, he will stop and we’ll go and do it again. We’ll do it until it is right. He’s very thorough that way and it’s been enjoyable so far.

Thumbnail photo via Flickr/koppix

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