Jerry Tarkanian’s Problems With NCAA Dwarfed by Penn State’s


Jerry Tarkanian's Problems With NCAA Dwarfed by Penn State's

Jerry Tarkanian was a hugely successful college basketball coach, most notably at UNLV, where he appeared in four Final Fours and won the NCAA championship in 1990. But he's remembered just as much for his many confrontations with the NCAA as he is for his success on the court.

Tarkanian was locked in a seemingly never-ending battle with the NCAA over program violations, namely recruiting problems. Long Beach State, his first Divison I job, was hit with probation for recruiting violations after he left.

In 1976, the NCAA placed UNLV on two years probation for "questionable practices" and got the school to suspend its coach for two years. Tark fought the suspension all the way to the Supreme Court, and after suing the NCAA for harassment in 1992, received $2.5 million from the organization in 1998 as a settlement.

All that being said, nothing Tark did even comes remotely close to the horrific crimes and subsequent cover-up perpetuated at Penn State.

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