Mark Wahlberg’s Wife Says He’s Not Allowed to Watch Super Bowl at Home if Patriots Return

by abournenesn

Jul 3, 2012

Mark Wahlberg's Wife Says He's Not Allowed to Watch Super Bowl at Home if Patriots ReturnNew England fans were heartbroken when the Patriots lost their most recent chance at revenge and Super Bowl glory in February.

Some cried after the Giants prevailed for the second time in five years with the 23-20 victory. Others, in true New England spirit, just got really, really angry.

Mark Wahlberg was one of them.

Wahlberg, who grew up in Dorchester and turned an early rap career into movie fame, hasn't forgotten his Boston roots. He was all in for the Patriots' getting back at the Giants for their 2007 Super Bowl loss, hosting a party and rooting them on this winter. But that meant he was also ready to be devastated when Eli Manning and Co. pulled out the win again.

When New York won, Wahlberg told all his friends to leave the house. Then, when his wife, Rhea Durham, told him to calm down, he screamed at her, according to ABC News.

"She was so upset I wasn't able to make it up to her until Valentine's Day," Wahlberg told ABC. "She said, 'You know, you're never watching the game again (at home),' but now she just hopes that the Patriots make it back to the Super Bowl so she can go on like a week vacation."

There's no indication that Durham is a sports fan, but Wahlberg probably doesn't mind. At this point, he should just be thankful she's still his wife.

"It was bad," Wahlberg said. "I always tell myself I'm not gonna get upset, but you just can't help it."

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