Dwight Howard’s Fairy Tale Story in Orlando Ends as Drama-Filled ‘Dwightmare’ (Photos)


Dwight Howard's Fairy Tale Story in Orlando Ends as Drama-Filled 'Dwightmare' (Photos)There will still be plenty of basketball fans out there who "Ooh" and "Aah" when Dwight Howard slam dunks a basketball in Los Angeles. Of course, most of them will be Lakers fans, but Howard's rim-rocking and shot-blocking game will continue to appease pockets of basketball fans, no matter their allegiances.

There's another section of fans, though, that have turned their backs on Howard. He once represented a hard-working kid with a great smile, a No. 1 pick out of high school who made his presence felt in the league right after hitting the scene. 

Howard might still be a hard worker, and the smile is there — albeit far less frequently — but his reputation has taken a hit in Orlando and across the rest of the league. Howard's stubbornness is no doubt the reason for this. Howard waffled on his decision on whether or not he wanted to leave Orlando, and the result was one big mess for both he and the Magic.

Now, however, Howard is headed for Hollywood where he and the Lakers will instantly become a title contender. Back on the outskirts of Disney World, the Magic are left to pick up the pieces, pieces that certainly leave a lot to be desired.

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