Floyd Mayweather Jr. Set to Be Released From Las Vegas Jail on FridayFloyd Mayweather Jr. is about to hit the streets.

Mayweather is set to be released from a Las Vegas jail on Friday after serving two months in a domestic battery case, according to The Associated Press.

The 35-year-old pled guilty in December to misdemeanor charges in a September 2010 incident in which Mayweather got into a fight with his girlfriend as two of their children looked on. As a result of the plea, Mayweather avoided felony charges.

A Las Vegas police officer reportedly said that Mayweather was granted time off his 90-day sentence because of work and good behavior. Still, it comes nearly two months after the undefeated champion’s request to serve the remainder of his sentence under house arrest was denied.

Now, it’s time to set up that bout with Manny Pacquiao, Mr. Mayweather.

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