Jim Joyce Sings 'Staying Alive' While Giving Woman Life-Saving CPR Before Umpiring GameIf you’re still holding out on liking Jim Joyce, then you’re about out of excuses.

The umpire most famous for blowing the call on Armando Galarraga‘s would-be perfect game made headlines again on Monday, this time for all the right reasons — for saving a woman’s life.

Joyce was walking down a ramp leading to the umpire’s dressing room in Arizona when stadium employee Jayne Powers grabbed a co-worker’s arm, began shaking and fell to the ground.

“I knew something was wrong,” Joyce told MLB.com. “And I knew if something wasn’t done, this lady could actually die in front of me. It was more instinct than anything else.”

So the umpire sprang into action, performing CPR on Powers while security phoned for help. While Joyce gave the Diamondbacks employee chest compressions, medics arrived with an automatic external defibrillator (AED). About 20 minutes later, Powers made it to a local hospital and regained consciousness.

To keep his rhythm going while performing the chest compressions, however, Joyce later admitted to using an unorthodox tactic — singing the Beegee’s hit “Staying Alive.” How appropriate.

“The way I look at it is, somebody needed help and I was fortunate enough to know what to do,” said Joyce, who learned CPR in high school. “I just looked at helping someone who really needed it. She was in bad shape and needed help.”

Powers is resting at Good Samaritan Hospital in Arizona for now — an appropriate address for someone lucky that such a person was on the scene in Jim Joyce.

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Jim Joyce Sings 'Staying Alive' While Giving Woman Life-Saving CPR Before Umpiring Game

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