Mark Teixeira’s Horrible Decision to Slide Into First Rewarded by Bad Karma From Baseball Gods (Video)


Mark Teixeira
is 6-foot-3 and weighs 220 pounds. He's coming off of a calf injury.

But still, with the game on the line and him needing to get to first base safely, Teixeira's choosing to slide into the bag Saturday night rather than run still ranks pretty high on the what-were-you-thinking meter.

Teixeira had just hit a weak grounder that spelled doom for the Yankees, who were trying to stage a ninth-inning rally to beat the Orioles and keep control of the American League East. With his team down 5-4 and the tying run at third, Teixeira hit a double play ball but still had a chance to plate the equalizer — if he could make it to first in time.

Teixeira hoofed it down the line but then, inexplicably, decided to slide headfirst to try to beat the throw. Umpire Jerry Meals called him out, and the game was over.

Just one problem — as bone-headed as Teixeira's decision was, he actually beat the throw. Replays showed he clearly touched the bag before the ball entered the first baseman's mitt.

Teixeira was understandably irate after the game, but he didn't spend too much time talking about what may have precipitated the call. Sliding into first is sure to anger the baseball gods, if not get the umpire cross-eyed enough that he blows the call.

See how it all happened in the video below.

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