NBA 2K13 Trailer Features Jason Terry in Celtics Jersey, Rajon Rondo Guarding Derrick Rose (Video)


Sep 10, 2012

The video game NBA 2K13 comes out soon, which is more highly anticipated among some people than the start of the actual NBA season.

We have already chronicled how some of the excitement over the new game is misplaced, since many of the new features are downloadable content that is not included in the retail version of the game. But a new trailer, posted Monday on 2K Sports' YouTube channel, shows some free agents in their new uniforms — including one wearing Celtics green.

Jason Terry is shown wearing his No. 4 Celtics jersey while nailing a big 3-pointer, then executing his patented "Jet" flight down the court. (Scroll to the 1:03 mark in the video below.) Earlier in the video, Rajon Rondo can be seen defending Derrick Rose, who apparently makes a miraculous recovery from a torn left ACL in gamerland.

Also, what is the point of using Notorious B.I.G.'s "Victory" if you have to mute out half the words? Sure, it is a cool tune, but it might make more sense to just use the original "Going the Distance" by Bill Conti from Rocky to get the same effect.

Check out Terry, Rondo and a bunch of other big stars depicted in the video below.

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