President Obama Compares Self to Miami Heat, Republican Challenger Mitt Romney to Jeremy LinPresident Barack Obama is reported to be a competitive guy.

Of course, anyone who gets into politics at that level is undoubtedly a driven, intense person. The president has to be
willing to take on day-to-day pressures that a normal man would never wish upon his worst enemy.

But Obama's competitiveness took a strange turn when he tried to whip
out a sports analogy on the campaign trail, according to the New
York Times.

In February, during a routine meeting with Democratic governors from around the country, Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana asked the president if he thought he had what it took to beat Republican challengers — which at that time were numerous — to recapture the White House in November 2012.

The question didn't annoy Obama so much as invigorate him, according to the Times. Obama promised to out-maneuver presumptive
Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

"We’re the Miami Heat, and he's Jeremy Lin," the president said.

On one hand, the Miami Heat would seem to be a good analogy for any politician, seeing as they won it all in 2012, helping LeBron James capture his first career NBA title. In politics, winning is part of the game.

On the other hand, public opinion is also a huge part of politics, and at times the Heat — James in particular — rate about as high on the "I would like to have a beer with" meter as Richard Nixon. Some might also question just how competitive James actually was in colluding to team up with two other huge stars in one locale, rather than try to win a championship as the clear focal point in Cleveland.

It also seems reasonable to question the analogy with another query: Since when has an ethnic minority been an apt representative of the Republican party?

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President Obama Compares Self to Miami Heat, Republican Challenger Mitt Romney to Jeremy Lin

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