Ravens ‘Batman’ Streaker Takes Advantage of Weak Security, Spreads Anti-Bullying Message (Video)


“What the hell is this knucklehead doing on the field?”

That, or some other type of of annoyed comment is usually the common sentiment among many whenever some presumably drunken fan takes the field (usually wearing next to nothing) to streak during the middle of a sporting event.

Sometimes, apparently, there’s a little more to the story than just an overserved, overzealous and usually overweight fan trying to become the center of attention.

The Patriots and Ravens were interrupted on Sunday night by a streaker, but it was a streaker with good intentions.

Mark Harvey stormed the field on Sunday night, wearing a cape, a baseball cap and briefs, delighting the M&T Bank Stadium crowd. He was also speaking out against bullying.

The streaker, who also crashed an Orioles game this season with a similar message and similar dance moves, apparently does this to raise awareness for bullying. He even has a website devoted to spreading the message.

“Bullying is a real problem in America, and I am here to stop it,” Harvey says on his website. “We all have super powers and it’s time to put them to use. I’m talking about the power we have to make friends, stand-up for one another, and ultimately make ‘bullying’ just another word in the dictionary.”

See video of the entire ordeal below.

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Ravens 'Batman' Streaker Takes Advantage of Weak Security, Spreads Anti-Bullying Message (Video)

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