Ohio Pizza Man Fired After Criticizing Buckeyes’ Tackling to Defensive Coordinator’s Wife


October 11, 2012

Ohio Pizza Man Fired After Criticizing Buckeyes' Tackling to Defensive Coordinator's WifeUrban Meyer, and his football program, just can't seem to catch a break.

A local Ohio pizza parlor employee was fired as a result of comments that he made regarding Ohio State's defensive play. Though the firing seems absurd, he may have voiced his displeasure to the wrong person.

According to NBC Sports, the incident occurred when the wife of defensive coordinator, and former interim head coach, Luke Fickell called to order food. When the man realized who was on the other end of line, he told reporters, he made the comment "you know, we really should improve on our tackling because it's? it's? it's really bad right now."

Though the comment was received by Mrs. Fickell with a chuckle, apparently it didn't sit well with somebody else.

The Fickell family did not call and complain about the man's comment, rather they were contacted to ask if the incident had actually occured. After it was confirmed the unidentified man was fired on the spot.

Ohio State has become a hotbed of controversy in recent years, and though this may seem small, occurrences like this aren't making life any easier for its new head coach. Fickell refused to be interviewed regarding the incident, but Ohio State is adamant that he was not in any way responsible for the employee's firing.

Though the man may not have a future in pizza he may have one in football. Just a few days after the incident the Buckeyes nearly lost a one-point thriller to Michigan State, and you guessed it, due to poor tackling.

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