Tom Brady Won't Even Let Earthquakes Interrupt His Razor Sharp Focus on JetsFOXBORO, Mass. — When an unexpected
earthquake struck the New England area on Tuesday night, many people found
themselves rattled or frightened by the random occurrence. But not Tom Brady.

Brady, who is familiar
with the natural disaster from his childhood in northern California, says he
felt the slight tremble just before bed on Tuesday night but didn't let it
impede his sleep schedule.

"I felt that; shortly
after I was in bed. " Brady said of the earthquake.

The tiny tremor, as it was
felt in and around most of Massachusetts, was nothing for Brady as he lived
through the vicious Loma Prieta earthquake, which struck the San Francisco area
on Oct. 17 exactly 23 years ago. And that's something he'll never forget.

"Earthquakes? The big
one: [19] 89. How could I forget that?" Brady said. "But we don't get
them back here [in Massachusetts]. It's a pretty rare occurrence."

The rarity didn't shake
Brady's focus on this week's task, though, as he was sure to rest up for
another long day of preparation.

"I was asleep very
early last night," Brady added. "7:15 I was asleep. Trying to get
bright-eyed and bushy-tailed."

He'll need his rest too. This week's opponents are Rex Ryan and the visiting New York Jets. A team
Brady holds just a 4-3 record over since Ryan took the helm back in 2009.

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