Browns Handing Out White Flags to Fans at Stadium on Sunday Before Steelers Game (Photo)


Apparently Browns fans will be signalling for Cleveland to surrender on Sunday to their hated rivals, the Steelers.

As part of a Ticketmaster giveaway, Cleveland fans will receive inflatable white flags when they enter Cleveland Browns Stadium — seriously. The flags have the Ticketmaster logo on the handle and the Browns logo on the flag itself.

There’s no word on why Ticketmaster chose white for the flag color, rather than, you know, brown, but players and fans alike are none too pleased about the giveaway. Safety T.J. Ward tweeted out his displeasure, saying “the white flag giveaway needs to be white flagged!”

The Browns posted about the white flags, which included a picture of their mascot holding the sign of surrender, on Facebook, and as you might imagine, there are droves of Browns fans rushing to comment about their displeasure.

“This is a real slap in the face,” wrote one Cleveland fan. “I refuse to take one. I am a season ticket holder and you want me to literally waive a white flag?”

For a 2-8 Browns team that’s lost 16 of their last 17 games to the Steelers, this seems like a hilariously bad idea. Ticketmaster, and the Browns, were likely trying to come up with their own version of the “Terrible Towel,” but even a yellow piece of cloth is more terrifying than an inflatable plastic white flag.

Cleveland fans and the Browns team deserve much better than this. Cleveland may be 2-8, but they’ve proven to be a scrappy team with a solid defense that’s lost close games to the Ravens, Colts and Cowboys. Their lone wins on the season came against the 5-5 Bengals and 4-6 Chargers.

With Charlie Batch starting under center for the Steelers this weekend, anything could happen in Cleveland. For the fans that lost LeBron James and haven’t seen a championship since 1964, they deserve a win this weekend, white flags and all.

Check out the white flag of  in the picture below. Even the mascot looks ashamed.

Photo via Facebook/ClevelandBrowns

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