Cristiano Ronaldo Would Vote for Himself for Golden Ball Award, If Only He Could


During an interview with France Football magazine, Cristiano Ronaldo said that “if I could, I would vote for myself for the Golden Ball,” when asked about his candidates for the award given jointly by FIFA and France Football.

The rules don’t allow players to vote for themselves, but Ronaldo’s personality comes to light when giving his opinion about the award, his rivalry with Lionel Messi, and his opinion on modesty.

“I am the way I am, and I like it,” said the Real Madrid star.

Ronaldo acknowledged he is a little tired of being compared with Messi and blames the media for it.

“They compare us constantly. The newspapers and TV channels think that they sell more that way. To be honest, it tires me a bit.” Lionel Messi also accepted he was a little tired of being compared with Ronaldo.

When asked about his personality on and off the field, the 27-year old is clear.

“Too much humility is not good,” he said. “In our country, in Portugal, when there is much talk of humility that really means there is vanity.”

“I play with passion for the ball, for the love of the jerseys I wear. If I did it for money, I would surely be in a different club,” declared Ronaldo when ask about his interest in money.

Ronaldo finally addressed the rumors of him being linked with PSG and said he does not think about that at the moment.

“For their egos, all players are happy that teams such as PSG, Chelsea or Manchester dream of having them [in the squad]. But right now that’s something [that] is not going through my head,” concluded the Portuguese international.

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