Rasheed Wallace Using Big Mouth, Veteran Savvy to Help Knicks to Undefeated Start (Photos)


November 7, 2012

When the New York Knicks signed 38-year-old Rasheed Wallace this offseason, it didn’t appear that he would have much of an impact on the team. After all, Wallace had been retired for the last two seasons, and adding another aging big man to a roster full of elder citizens was not expected to help New York better itself.

However, the Knicks have started the season 3-0, and Wallace is said to be a big part of that. Not only is ‘Sheed working his way onto the court, but he’s also helping from the sidelines — where his notoriously loud ways are earning him praise.

“What I tell a lot of the younger guys is, ‘My speed isn’t the same, my agility isn’t the same, but yet I still can talk.'” Wallace told the New York Times. “That?s an extra defender out there.”

Wallace has also been a voice of reason for the younger players on the roster. Despite a reputation as a player willing to go toe-to-toe with any and all referees in the league, the forward/center is now preaching discipline.

“I just try to get everybody focused with the team game plan,” Wallace explained. “You might get fouled and have a no-call, but let’s still go out and hoop. Just beat them up the other way, and that’s with the scoreboard.”

So far, the Knicks have been doing just that.

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