If you were to ask Rasheed Wallace, he might tell you he’s never committed a foul in his life.

On Tuesday night, the Knicks’ new addition clearly got a piece of Austin Rivers‘ arm as the rookie drove to the basket. Wallace apparently didn’t remember that part of the play.

After Rivers missed his first free throw, Wallace yelled — twice — “Ball don’t lie.” If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase that ‘Sheed coined, it pertains to the theory that the ball decides whether a foul was committed or not. If the ball goes in, there was a foul, if it doesn’t, there was no foul. The refs may blow a call, a player may flop, but the ball does not lie.

By Wallace’s logic, Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin don’t get fouled very often.

Watch Wallace’s foul and his subsequent exclamation of, “Ball don’t lie” in the video below.

Thumbnail photo via screengrab/Youtube