Carolina Panthers’ Twitter Account Retweets Picture of Bag of Marijuana (Photo)


Oh, Carolina Panthers.

The Panthers retweet a lot of fans’ comments on their official Twitter account. The account spent a large part of Christmas Day retweeting holiday messages. However, the Panthers may have gone a bit too far in one instance.

Here’s where we’re speculating a little bit, but it looks like the Panthers asked fans to send them pictures of their football-themed presents using the hashtag #PanthersGifts. If such a tweet ever existed, it has since been deleted, but it looks like this is what happened — otherwise, it was a well-organized social media fan effort. However, several of the photos — which were then retweeted — are still on the Panthers’ account.

Where the team (or whoever runs the account) may have slipped up is in not noticing that one fan — identifying himself on his Twitter account as Scott Austin Steele from Greenville, N.C. — was not only sending out a picture of his new Panthers hat but a bag of marijuana as well. In a previous tweet, Steele says both items are presents from his girlfriend. Although Massachusetts and other states may have laws allowing marijuana use or possession, North Carolina has no such laws on the books — meaning Steele is probably doing something illegal.

The Panthers have since un-retweeted Steele, but check out his photo below.

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