NHL Rejects Latest NHLPA Proposal Following Three Days of Meetings As Talks Break Down Again


Gary Bettman, Bill DalyAfter three days of marathon meetings between the owners and players — without outside influence on either side — there seemed to be some promise in the ongoing NHL lockout discussions. And then, it was gone.

On Thursday evening, a group of players met with Donald and Steve Fehr to discuss the talks that took place without them earlier in the week. An hour later, deputy commissioner Bill Daly — one of only two NHL members in attendance — returned to the league offices with the latest proposal from the players association.

Donald Fehr addressed the media shortly thereafter, at least projecting some optimism following the meetings.

“We think there is a complete agreement on dollars. Wouldn’t seem to be very much reason why we shouldn’t be able to conclude,” he said. “Players have gone a very, very long way.”

Fehr also addressed that he believed that the players had agreed to the “make-whole” agreement that the NHL proposed a few weeks back. As a result, the $300 million difference would be made up in the players’ pension plan. Also outlined in the proposal from the players was contract length for the proposed CBA lasting eight years with an opt-out clause after six. The NHL originally outlined a 10-year contract.

The players also moved on the length of contract stipulation, reducing their outline to a seven-year deal for players re-signing with their team. The NHL looked to have a five-year limit on contracts.

With all that being said, the players left the news conference — but returned in less than an hour to the podium. But this time, the news was much more grim.

The NHL (reportedly Daly) had left a voice mail for Steve Fehr that the players’ latest steps were “unacceptable.”

Fehr once again addressed the media after the phone call before Bettman took the podium. The commissioner then added more grim news.

Bettman spoke about the players’ latest proposal as “not acceptable,”  saying he couldn’t envision a scenario “playing less than a 48-game season,” according to ESPN.

Interestingly, Bettman also accused Fehr of “using spin to make it appear the two sides are closer than where the league thinks they are.”

With all this being said, it looks as though the negotiations between the league and players has hit another snag, and there are no discussions scheduled for the remainder of this week — or any time for that matter. In even more interesting news, Winnipeg Jets defenseman Ron Hainsey was told by the NHL that bringing Donald Fehr back into the room could be a “deal-breaker,” according to Chris Johnston of The Canadian Press.

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