Adrian Peterson Plans to Break Rushing Record in 2013 ‘With Ease,’ Says 2,500 Yards is ‘Attainable’


Jo-Lonn Dunbar, Adrian PetersonYou know, we wouldn’t put it past him.

Adrian Peterson had a marvelous 2012 season, coming just nine yards short of breaking the NFL’s all-time single-season rushing record, currently held by Eric Dickerson. After Peterson sat down to chat about the pursuit with the NFL Network, two things are clear: Peterson was probably much more upset about missing the mark than you probably think, and he also has big, big expectations for himself.

“It was a terrible feeling,” Peterson told NFL Gameday Morning‘s Marshall Faulk. “I kind of figured I didn’t break the record. I kind of assumed maybe I was 30-40 away from it. When I heard nine, my heart just sunk into my stomach.”

However, according to Peterson’s predictions, he really shouldn’t be that worried about missing out. Not only does Peterson count on breaking Dickerson’s record of 2,105 yards in 2013, he thinks that hitting 2,500 is within reach.

“I want to try to set the ball higher than that,” Peterson said. “I want to make it the 2,500 club. It’s definitely out there. I feel like it’s definitely attainable. … Enjoy this last year, because the record’s going down, with ease.”

We’ll see whether or not Peterson can continue his Superman act, but he will certainly never be accused of not thinking big enough, nor of a lack confidence in his own abilities.

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