Manti Te’o Phone Calls With ‘Lennay Kekua’ Made Public as Recordings Become Available (Audio)


Manti Te'oIf you thought the story had reached its apex, get ready, because the Manti Te’o saga is about to get a whole lot creepier.

On Thursday, the public learned that the voice on the other end of the phone purporting to be “Lennay Kekua” was allegedly a man. That’s right, the hoaxer who has long since been identified as the very male Ronaiah Tuiasosopo was allegedly the one speaking to Te’o, apparently for lengthy periods in some cases.

Of course, this revelation was sure to invite some skepticism, which Tuiasosopo’s lawyer actually addressed.

“Come on, Hollywood does it all the time,” Milton Grimes told the New York Daily News on Wednesday. “People can do that.”

In addition to her interview with Te’o, Katie Couric‘s show has released three audio clips of voice mails and phone calls between Te’o and “Kekua.”

A tip of the hat to Deadspin for compiling the clips.

In the first clip, “Kekua” talks to Te’o before her first purported chemotherapy treatment.

In the second clip, “Kekua” gets jealous and accuses Te’o of having another woman in his room with him.

And, finally, in the third clip, “Kekua” speaks to Te’o on the day she was supposedly released from the hospital — one day before she was supposed to have died.

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