PETA Uses Manti Te’o Hoax to Encourage People to Put Fake Chicken Meat in Super Bowl Recipes (Photo)


We know that PETA likes to protect animals. But apparently the group’s highbrow sympathies don’t extend to disgraced Notre Dame linebackers, or the English language.

PETA is launching a campaign calling people to use fake meat — rather than real chicken — in their Super Bowl recipes this year, and they’ve pilloried both Manti Te’o and the art of puns in doing it.

PETA has launched an ad that says “Sometimes faking it is better” with a picture of Te’o’s face and the tagline, “Score faux-chicken Super Bowl recipes at” In an accompanying article on the PETA website, the organization urges people not to get “buffaloed by a fake girlfriend” but instead to take care of the chicken population by “opting for play-action fake fowl instead.”

Oi. Still, the ad campaign is pretty funny, and Te’o looks like he’s ready to defend some chickens himself in the photo they used. Check it out below.

Manti Te'o

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