Report: Major League Baseball to Introduce New Rules Pertaining to Balks, Interpreters


Bud SeligIf you’re the kind of baseball fans who hates seeing a pitcher delay the game by faking a pickoff to third, only to throw to first you’re probably not alone. Likewise, Major League Baseball hears your plight.

This year, any pitcher who fakes to third and doesn’t go there with the ball will be called for a balk, according to ESPN. MLB is making the change unilaterally after the MLB Players Association delayed changing the rule a year ago. However, the league hopes that players will approve the change, anyway.

Another rule change comes as a direct result of the increased number of teams going with two hitting coaches or hiring an assistant hitting coach. This year teams will be allowed to have seven uniformed coaches in the dugout or bullpen, up from six in years past.

The final rule change MLB is implementing for the 2013 season involves interpreters. Up until now interpreters were not allowed on the playing field except in the case of an injury, but now they will be allowed to make visits to the mound with a manager or pitching coach.

All changes must be approved by the MLBPA, a process which will take place in the coming weeks.

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