With all the success Tyler Seguin has had in his young career, sometimes it’s easy to forget that the Bruins’ forward will only turn 21 at the end of this month.

According to a report in a Swiss tabloid, which claims to have contacted a cleaning service employed by Seguin’s landlord, the Bruins phenom had some trouble keeping his place nice and tidy. In addition to 200 francs (about $238 American) in coins on the floor, the service found allegedly general trash like soda cans, dirty linens and rotten bananas. But, in addition to the general untidiness, the report says Seguin was “not versed in appliances” and tried to wash his clothes in a dishwasher.

Apparently Seguin got word of the report (which is decanted in English here), and doesn’t seem to think it’s so accurate, disputing the notion that he can’t do his own laundry — without more than minimal help from his mother, anyway. The 20-year-old tweeted about the story, which can be seen below.

Seguin used a quick media session at Bruins practice Thursday to shoot down the report, telling reporters everything about the report was “100 percent untrue.”

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