We may soon get some more information and a deeper look into the mess that was the Penn State football program in its later years under Joe Paterno. Or, we’ll just get the latest defense of the late football coach.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Paterno’s widow, Sue Paterno, will sit down with Katie Couric for an on-air interview. It will be Sue Paterno’s first interview since her late husband passed away more than a year ago. It will also be her first interview since the Penn State sex abuse scandal that sent former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky to prison.

The interview will air Feb. 11.

Joe Paterno was to believed to have covered up key elements of Sandusky’s transgressions. All of that led to crippling sanctions leveled against the Penn State football program.

It’s unlikely that Sue Paterno will give any sort of juicy details. The Paterno family has supported the former head coach over and over again since the scandal broke.

Couric is currently making the college football rounds apparently. She interviewed former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o last week, his first sit-down interview since it was revealed that his girlfriend did not exist.

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