Ichiro Suzuki, Michael Jordan Rub Shoulders in Classic Video From Japanese Star’s 1995 Visit to Chicago (Video)


What did the world look like before Ichiro Suzuki became an unforgettable part of modern Major League Baseball? What did the world look like when Michael Jordan was still the most coveted conversation in sports — a legend among even the would-be legends?

For that matter, what did the world look like when Tom and Jerry sweatshirts still existed, and when Japanese baseball stars wore turtleneck versions of them?

All those questions and more are answered in a classic video from 1995 that shows young, up-and-coming 22-year-old Suzuki meeting Jordan, the biggest athlete in the world at the time, in the bowels of United Center in Chicago. Suzuki shows up courtside to watch Jordan practice some shooting, then the two get a face-to-face meeting in a back room, where Suzuki is blown away to be talking with one of his sports heroes.

While much of the video is narrated in Japanese, it’s still cool to see a youthful Suzuki and a dominant Jordan — and when the two meet face-to-face, a translator helps the English-speaking folks get in on the action. Jordan, ever polite, asks whether Suzuki is a pitcher and finds out he’s a hitter instead. He asks when Suzuki will be playing in America, to which Suzuki responds that it will be when his arms are the size of Jordan’s. And, don’t forget, Suzuki is wearing a turtleneck with Tom and Jerry on it.

Watch the entire clip below, with the Suzuki-Jordan chat starting around the 3:30 mark (Hat tip to SportsGrid).

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