Ryan BraunIf you can’t beat ’em … sue ’em?

According to the New York Times, Major League Baseball is preparing to sue Anthony Bosch‘s Biogenesis clinic, ostensibly because the clinic damaged the game by providing drugs to players. However, the Times points out that by following through on the lawsuit, baseball would get a chance to see documents that it wouldn’t otherwise have access to, since MLB holds no subpoena power on its own.

“A lawsuit, if allowed to proceed, would give the sport the ability to subpoena records from the clinic, which is now closed, and compel depositions,” writes Michael S. Schmidt. “Some of the information uncovered could then conceivably be used by baseball to justify disciplinary actions against players.”

The “innovative” lawsuit strategy may or may not work, but either way, it appears that the league is indeed “actively going after” some of the big stars named in Biogenesis’ records.