As far as April Fools’ jokes go, which are usually pretty lame, this one is just plain sad.

Nick Barnett tweeted that he had rejoined the Bills, who cut him on Feb. 11, and even went so far as to thank Buffalo’s general manager Buddy Nix. It turns out Barnett was just playing — it was an April Fools’ joke, he had not re-signed with the Bills. Go ahead and laugh at Barnett’s hilarious prank, we’ll wait for you.

It would be one thing if Barnett was just a free agent, but the fact that Buffalo released the veteran linebacker makes this seem all the more desperate. We’re also not sure who the joke is on. Is it on the fans? The media? Barnett himself? We’ll likely never know.

Check out Barnett’s hilarious tweets below.

[tweet align=center]

[tweet align=center]

Thumbnail photo via Facebook/Nick Barnett