‘Screaming Spurs Lady’ Nearly Ruins Amazing Warriors-Spurs Finish With Incessant Screeching (Video)


While the amazing back-and-forth between the Warriors and Spurs was foremost on NBA fans’ minds on Monday night as they were glued to their television sets late for a two-overtime finish, the thought crossed nearly everyone’s mind to mute the TV just so they didn’t have to listen to “screaming Spurs lady” anymore.

In case you missed the game, there was a woman in the crowd that felt it was necessary to screech at the highest possible decibel and octave throughout the end of the game. The high-pitched squeal actually seemed to take attention off the play on the court as Twitter users started pleading to get someone to either quiet the woman or move TNT’s microphone.

The woman wouldn’t stop, and for as annoying it was through television speakers, one can only imagine how terrible it would have been to sit directly in front of the lady. There’s no reason to be doing that, either. Making noise is great — yelling, screaming, clapping, all fine. But just because you can loudly squeal at ear-piercing levels doesn’t mean that you ever should.

If your ears can handle it, check out the audio below of “screaming Spurs lady” react to a missed Stephen Curry shot to send the game into overtime.

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No wonder Curry played all 58 minutes of the Warriors-Spurs game. Sitting in chairs is more dangerous than playing basketball.

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Yeah, this happened nearly immediately. [tweet https://twitter.com/ScreamingSpurs/status/331632845699289089 align=center]

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That was impressive.

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