Chris Bosh Watches Clock Expire Mid-Air, Negate His Ill-Timed, Thunderous Dunk Past Tim Duncan (Video)


It’s one thing to get blocked by an opposing player. It’s another to have a dunk rejected by the buzzer.

Chris Bosh seemed to be working past the troubles that have plagued his NBA Finals appearance — and much of his time with the Heat, for that matter — on Thursday night. Miami’s Big Three all came out firing, with LeBron James‘ 33 points (on, hello, 60 percent shooting) supplemented by 32 points from Dwyane Wade and 20 from Bosh, who also collected 13 rebounds.

But not all went swimmingly for the tallest member of Miami’s triumvirate.

On a night when he could have laid claim to being a key cog in his team’s championship hopes, Bosh added another ignominious moment to his Heat mishap scrapbook.

As the first half of Game 4 ended, with the Heat and Spurs tied at 49, Bosh pulled off a killer move to get past Tim Duncan. He soared toward the hoop as time ticked down — but, instead of laying the ball in before the buzzer went off, he ended his attack with a two-handed jam.

Bosh threw down a great dunk, for sure, but he didn’t get the ball through the basket before the buzzer went off. According to the rules of the National Basketball Association, that meant the points didn’t count.

Perhaps the best — or, most discouraging — part was that Bosh was staring the backboard in the face as he jammed, meaning the lights that go on to signify time running out were right at eyeball level as he sent the ball down.

So, that’s what you call dunking — like a Bosh.

Check it out in the video below.

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LeBron James and the Heat sort of had this going all night.

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