We all recognize the Internet for the speed with which it works, turning news loose upon the world in a mere instant. However, what we don’t give the web enough credit for is managing to pull up random items from the sands of time, shining a light on seemingly forgotten secrets for all to see.

Well, in 2009, Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig showed up at the All-Star FanFest in St. Louis, and apparently he was in a jovial mood. He agreed to take a photo with one Reds fan clad entirely in his team’s colors, but Selig should have checked the youngster’s T-shirt, first.

Four years after the 2009 All-Star FanFest, a tipster sent a copy of the photo to Deadspin, and it features Selig posing with a kid wearing a T-shirt with “A*Roid” (yes, an asterisk) inscribed across the front. The photo begs the question of which is worse, Selig’s mishap, or Rex Ryan posing with a Jets fan wearing a T-shirt that said “This team makes me drink.”

Check out the photo from the 2009 All-Star FanFest below, via NBCSportsRadio’s Twitter feed.

Bud Selig

Photo via Twitter/@NBCSportsRadio