Dennis Haskins, Aka Mr. Belding, Shows Up at ESPY Awards, Hangs Out With The Bella Twins (Photo)


Along with luminaries like Macaulay Culkin and Jaleel White, Dennis Haskins is probably foremost among actors who are typecast for the rest of their careers. However, unlike the prior two, Haskins has apparently owned his longtime Saved by the Bell role as Mr. Belding, continuing to do work on TV without running away from the role he’ll forever be associated with.

In the 13 years since the last iteration of The New Class, Haskins has kept himself busy. He participates in a regular YouTube series with WWE star Zack Ryder, he put out an album of cover songs in 2011 (one track even features a duet with Brooke Hogan) and he’s recently appeared on shows like Mad Men and How I Met Your Mother. So, all in all, Haskins is doing pretty well for himself.

On Wednesday, Haskins was doing really well for himself, showing up as the ESPY Awards with actress Meredith Giangrande, who’s played roles like “Hot girl” on The Mentalist and “Natalia Whatever” in a made-for-TV movie. We’re not entirely sure why Haskins was there, but according to his Twitter account (Haskins’ handle, appropriately enough, is @mrbelding), it had something to do with the cancer-fighting V Foundation. He also planned to meet up with the The Bella Twins, apparently.

Check out an Instagram photo (if only the real Mr. Belding had been that cool, right, Zack Morris?) of Haskins  at the ESPYs below.

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