Hank Aaron’s Atlanta Home Ransacked As Thieves Steal Jewelry, Two BMWs


Hank AaronWhen Barry Bonds hit his 756th career home run on Aug. 7, 2007, it wasn’t the only time in his life Hank Aaron has been robbed.

Burglars ransacked Aaron’s home two weeks ago while he was out of town with his wife, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Aaron missed a call from his home security company on his cell phone, then called a neighbor to check on the house, who noticed a broken window and called the police.

Police arrived to find parts of the house ransacked, jewelry missing from the home and two BMWs stolen. Moreover, it’s clear that the thieves had a pretty good idea what they were doing.

“On the side of the residence, the electrical panels were on the ground and the wires were cut inside the box,” the police report says. “The generator was on due to the electrical wires being cut. The wires were cut from a panel located in the rear of the residence as well.”

However, in a bit of good news, it appears police may be closing in on the perpetrators. Last Monday, a day after police responded to the break-in, police found one of the two BMWs a short distance from the home, and were able to lift fingerprints from it. Police also announced the second car had been located, too.

“We are following significant leads and anticipate an arrest,” Sgt. Greg Lyon said.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Hank Aaron

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