Tom Brady, Patriots Quarterbacks Experimenting With Helmet Cameras (Photo)


In a move destined to unleash Spygate jokes all preseason, the Patriots recently unveiled helmet cams for quarterbacks during training camp.

Tom Brady and his fellow QBs were spotted wearing small cameras attached to the sides of their helmets during the first week of camp. It’s a move head coach Bill Belichick and his coaching staff are using as an experiment to see if they can pick up additional looks from the first-person view.

“It’s something we haven’t done before, so we’ll take a look at it and see how effective it is or what we can get out of it,”┬áBelichick┬ásaid Sunday. “I’m not sure exactly how effective that will or won’t be, but it’s something we’re trying that’s a little bit new. We’ll see how it goes.”

Check out a picture below.


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