Jason DufnerJason Dufner‘s cool points seem to be multiplying by the day.

The PGA Championship winner returned to his home in Auburn, Ala.,with the Wanamaker Trophy and a handful of acorns. Dufner’s plan is to plant the acorns on his property, grow saplings and later transport those trees to Toomer’s Corner at the edge of Auburn University’s campus, according to AI.com.

The famous oak trees that once stood at that spot — and served as a rally place for Auburn football fans — were poisoned by an Alabama fan in 2011. The trees were eventually removed this year, and replaced with metal wires and structures where Auburn students could continue their tradition of rolling toilet paper.

Dufner, an Auburn alum, collected the acorns during the PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, N.Y., and handed them to his wife along his journey. He says he would like to see the trees eventually planted in Toomer’s Corner.

“That would be nice, if they’re up to it. It’s an idea,” Dufner said. “I know we’ve got some time before we can actually plant something in that area, but I think that would be pretty cool. But that’s probably pretty selfish on my part, too. Maybe it’ll be an option.”