Alex RodriguezIt looks like Alex Rodriguez‘s cards may be becoming apparent as he prepares to fight his 211-game suspension by Major League Baseball. If the reports hold true, A-Rod is putting his chips all-in.

Rodriguez will sue MLB in federal court if his suspension is not willingly lifted by the league, according to TMZ sources. Rodriguez is said to feel “persecuted” in the Biogenesis scandal.

Rodriguez has never “knowingly” taken any sort of PEDs since 2003, when he last admitted to doing so, say TMZ sources close to Rodriguez. Additionally, Rodriguez has never tested positive for any banned substance, having been tested by MLB 11 separate times since 2011, according to the report.

In many ways, it seems that Rodriguez’s primary issue with baseball is that he received a longer suspension than Ryan Braun, who did test positive in 2011. TMZ’s sources say that MLB’s investigation has been “abusive and borderline illegal.” Additionally, they say that baseball has no hard proof that Rodriguez did anything wrong, claiming that MLB has intimidated and harassed witnesses in the course of its investigation.

Rodriguez will sue MLB for various reasons, including violating the collective bargaining agreement.