Alfredo AcevesIt’s been said before that Alfredo Aceves does things his own way, and apparently that extends to naming his newborn son.

Aceves currently remains with the Pawtucket Red Sox, where he’s been for most of the 2013 season despite success in the closer’s role in Boston last year. Despite recently being taken off the Red Sox’ 40-man roster, Aceves said that he would sign a 10-year deal to stay with Boston if it was on the table.

Could his newfound desire for stability have anything to do with his family situation?

Aceves recently welcomed a son into the world, and, according to Peter Gammons, the child was given a name befitting his father’s reputation. Red Sox players say that Aceves has named his son Apollo The First Aceves, according to Gammons.

For the record, it’s unclear whether that represents the child’s first name (in which case his name would be Apollo The First Aceves Aceves), or if Apollo The First is his first name, by itself. Could it be that it’s meant to be read as a title?

Move over, North West.