While many sports fans may be ambivalent about whether the Cleveland Indians remain in the Major League Baseball playoffs, those who care about humanity or basic tact are likely glad the team got bounced Wednesday night.

A cadre of fans imitating the team’s American Indian logo drew attention for all the wrong reasons Wednesday as Tampa Bay beat Cleveland 4-0. While the Indians have received pushback for their team mascot and logo before, the fans’ attempt to adapt the controversial image right onto their faces showed why the depiction can be in especially poor taste.

It wasn’t the only lowlight at Progressive Field on Wednesday night, but it was perhaps the most poorly done one, and one that confirms why people are getting all worked up about things like changing the Washington Redskins’ moniker.

Check out the questionable face paint in the photos below.

Indians Faces

Photo via Twitter/@EireannaDolan

Indians Paint

Photo via Twitter/@TheR_Words